3 Tips for Moving from the Suburbs to the City

There’s nothing quite like living within a city. The lights, people and buildings are attractive to many. However, for those who are transplanting from the suburbs, there are some real considerations to take into account. Often, city apartments are smaller than suburban homes and require spaces to pull double duty. Metro properties also rarely feature the attics and basements traditionally associated with suburbs.

All of these qualities and more can make moving into a city a difficult process. Therefore, follow these three tips for moving from the suburbs to the city:

  1. Pare down clothing. Bedrooms are prime real estate in cities. As a result, an individual can pay a lot of money for limited space. With storage at a premium, a walk-in or wall-length closet is considered a hard-to-come-by commodity. Each square foot can cost a pretty penny, and that money can add up. Therefore, new city residents may want to consider going through their closets and paring down their wardrobes. While this may be difficult for some who live in regions with multiple seasons or just love fashion, it is a needed step. Rarely do people require multiple sweaters, t-shirts or black pairs of shoes. Therefore, these items are often easy to streamline.
  2. Hire professional movers. A moving and relocation company can drastically improve the entire moving process. Decrease the stress levels of safely getting belongings from point A to point B by hiring professionals who are experienced with not only transporting items, but also moving them up potentially narrow staircases. A company such as Mooney’s Moving & Storage has the experience necessary to make the transition from suburb to city life easier and get a person to where they are going faster.
  3. Measure rooms. Before ever packing up household items, make sure to measure the space of the new apartment. Furniture and the number of home accessories that were ideal for a suburban house may not go with the décor of an apartment. Therefore, use the dimensions of the city apartment to determine what in the current home should be transported and what should be sold, given away or thrown in the trash. It can make the entire moving process easier and advance the quality of the first night spent in a new place.

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