Corporate Relocation Services

As a human resource or recruiting professional it is often your responsibility to get employees relocated on time, on budget and focused on their new job.  We rely on our 107 years of experience and over 150 qualified agents throughout the county to help deliver a smooth relocation of your employees.

There are 4 questions that you want to ask yourself prior to planning a corporate relocation:

Are you looking for a moving company that provides more than just basic moving services?

Will you be offering a lump sum or full service relocation to your transferee?

Do you want to develop a relocation policy for your transferees to avoid inequalities?

Can you move the employee during “non-peak” season?

Our core business is moving and storage.  However we provide many more benefits to the corporate transferee than just basic moving services:

Packing supplies:

Free delivery when ordered through our website.

Tech Support: 

Troubleshooting with personal computers and printer.  Support with home networks as well as cameras, iPods and mobile devises.  All included with you move.

Concierge Service:

Assistance to setup cable, TV, internet, utilities and home security.  All included with you move.

PLUS Program:  

Direct cash back rebates based on the sale of your home when using our network of real estate professionals.

Identity Theft Protections:

Daily monitoring of your credit report for suspicious online activity, change of address alerts and assistance with stopping junk mail.

Whether you are allocating a lump sum payment or opting for a full service move, we will work with you to budget appropriately.  We understand that every company has certain budget limitations and can tailor relocation package that suites your needs.

Our experienced staff can assist you with developing the appropriate policies so that you can proceed with an effective “game plan.”  Policies eliminate inequities, control cost, and reduce the burden of having to inquire or clarify “authorized” expenses.

Finally, is your company able to relocate your employee during “non-peak” months?  May through early September is extremely busy for any quality moving company.  By relocating in the offseason, discounts can often be more aggressive. If the move must take place during the May-September season, plan on providing at least 5 week’s notice.

For further information about our corporate relocation services please contact Steven DeSteffano at 215-884-3280.

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