Five Steps to Consider for Moving Day

If you planned accordingly for your big move and hired a moving company to help pack and transport your possessions, most of the heavy lifting and stressful work is already complete. However, when it comes to moving day, you may want to map out your agenda to make sure it goes smoothly. Here are five tips to consider on moving day.

1.) Layout.

You may want to sketch a rough floor plan of your new property. The aerial view of the home will give you the opportunity to plan which piece of furniture will go where and gives you an understanding of how you’ll want the room to look.

2.) Cater to your pets.

When the big day comes, you don’t want to have your fluffy cat or rambunctious dog running between boxes and under people’s legs. It may be a good idea to leave your furry friends with a family member, so there aren’t any accidents when possessions are moved into the house.

3.) Keep your expectations low.

It is natural to want everything to be completed on the first day of your move, but it is essential that you take your transition one step at a time. Your new home will be a dream come true eventually, so take your time and don’t stress.

4.) Make an immediate impact.

While a big transition may take a few days, you should add a touch of home immediately to your new property. Start by putting a picture in the living room or placing a welcome mat at the front door. Giving the house a taste of familiarity will help you feel at ease.

5.) Wash your dishes.

When you begin to unpack, after the relocation movers have left, remember to run your dishware through the washer before using them. Throughout the move, these glasses or plates may get dirty, so a quick cleaning wouldn’t hurt.

When you plan ahead and develop an outlined approach for moving day, be sure you’ve worked out the entire process with your team. Moving services like Mooney’s Moving & Storage can help you build an agenda that will assist your team of movers in working to a deadline, placing items where they belong and making the entire process fast and efficient.

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