Guide to Summer Moving

Summer is perhaps the most popular time for moving. The generally pleasant weather and less rigid schedules make it, in many ways, an opportune time. Some factors, however, such as heavy traffic, make it less than ideal in others. With some summer moving and packing tips it’s easy to accentuate the positive features and minimize the negative ones.

Be systematic

Well before the actual date approaches, thoroughly go through your belongings. Take advantage of summer’s weather. Set up a tent outside and use it as a staging area. This will give you much more room to be organized when combing through your belongings. You can make different stations for different types of belongings, such as those you want packed with the moving and relocation company, taken in the car, put away in storage, discarded and so forth.

Hold a yard sale

Summer makes another possibility available – a yard sale. You can sell the items you were going to get rid of instead of making a trip to the landfill. The money you make can be applied to the move or put toward replacing the items when you get to your new home.

Major appliances

When moving in the summer, remember that weather is a double-edged sword. Food and refrigerators require special attention. As far in advance as possible, you should unplug and defrost your refrigerator and freezer. On the day of the move, give them both a good cleaning to make sure you won’t have any food spoiling on your journey.

Furry friends

Summer isn’t only hot for you, your pets are likely to get pretty warm, too – and they can’t speak up about it. Plan in advance for how your pets will make the move. If they are too big – or distracting – to move along with the family, many nationwide movers can put you in touch with professional pet movers to ensure a happy reunion when you both get to the new place.

The great outdoors

Summer moves also allow for the possibility of enjoying nature. If you’re a fan of camping, plan your relocation route around campgrounds or national parks. Using the trip as an opportunity to take that pined-for hiking adventure can make the process a lot more fun – as well as saving you some money on lodging expenses.

Get a tune-up

Moving out of state is always a good time to get your car a clean bill of health, but in the summer ensuring that the air conditioner is operating is especially important.

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