Helpful Tips to Save yourself Money

Moving can be a stressful, hectic time for you and your family. The following steps will help you prepare for moving day, all while saving you money. 

First and foremost, pack yourself.

Packing is the number one way to save. It saves both time and money on moving day for your moving company. This means, the truck will be loaded and you’ll be on your way to your new home in no time.However, packing does seem like a daunting, endless task; ask about the proper materials to protect your belongings, and how to most efficiently pack. We’re pros—we can answer all of your packing questions!Also, remember that even trivial items can add up. Loose items (i.e.: pictures, glass tops, glass shelves, plants, hanging clothing, lamps and shades) build up, and require additional time and materials to pack. If you plan to transport any items yourself, these smaller loose items can be easily packed in your car the night before.

Donate to your favorite charity.

Itemize your donations and keep receipts. It may help you qualify for a tax deduction.Also, Mooney’s will deliver your unwanted canned goods to a local food bank for no fee. Mooney’s is a member of the Move for Hunger campaign, which solicits moving companies to collect its customers unwanted canned goods for donation, in hopes of ending hunger in the U.S.

Organize your boxes.

As you pack, move your boxes to an easily accessible area, like a garage or front room. This way, the moving crew can easily organize the truck and expedite the loading process more quickly. Typically boxes will make up 15% to 20% of your total shipment. This is a significant portion of your move—centralizing this large percentage of your belongings will reduce loading time, thus reducing your final bill.

Ignore the “I might need it someday” syndrome.

Do not move items that will not be used at your new home (i.e. books, record albums, exercise equipment, rugs, old tools). You do not need to furnish the attic.

Dismantling and reassembly.

Dismantling your large, assembled items is an excellent way to prepare for your move. You’ll save your movers time and energy on moving day, which means money saved. Taking apart cribs and disconnecting appliances, like dryers and refrigerators, is simple, but time consuming. Remember that the final cost of a local move is based on time spent moving—disassembly only adds additional time.

Be available on moving day.

It is important for you to be available to your movers to help coordinate and answer questions.Be aware that your movers will only be prepared to move what you’ve discussed with your estimator. If circumstances have changed, alert the moving crew.Your presence is the best resource to offer your movers—and the least expensive resource!

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