How to Handle Moving with a New Baby

Your recently born son or daughter is the apple of your eye, and an upcoming move offers exciting opportunities for you and your family. You might be relocating to a new upscale residence in the city or a quaint home in the country, but regardless of where you’re going, you’ll want to make sure your baby is comfortable and safe throughout the trip.

1. Get plenty of help

A moving company like Mooney’s Moving can help you get your belongings ready for the big day, allowing you to focus on taking care of your little one. You can also solicit support from friends and family members. Contact these people as soon as you know your moving day so you’ll have sufficient time to plan ahead.

Be sure to reach out only to those you feel comfortable with – you’ll want to make sure your baby is in good hands if you are temporarily unavailable on the big day. Relatives who have kids of their own or have raised children in the past could be helpful, and the baby might also be more comfortable with the familiar faces and voices of friends and family members who have spent time with him or her in the past.

2. Provide a comfortable ride

A trip could take just a few minutes or several days to complete, but the distance should have no impact on how you treat your baby – do everything possible to make him or her as comfortable as possible.

Prepare a baby travel bag when packing for your trip. This kit can include baby essentials such as blankets, diapers and toys to help him or her stay safe and cozy. Don’t forget about baby food, and remember to have a fully charged cell phone and first aid kit readily available in case an emergency arises.

Safety is paramount, so be sure your baby is securely fastened into a baby seat before you depart. Make sure that your belongings are also safely stored in your car so that they do not move during the trip.

3. Make the trip memorable

Relocation is an exciting time, especially with your new baby, and you can take advantage by commemorating the event. Bring a digital camera to capture memories during your trip – you can never have too many baby photos.

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