Know the Difference Between “Internet Movers” and an Actual Moving Company

In today’s blog about all of the important things to consider when getting a moving quote, we will be discussing the prospect of getting an estimate from an “Internet Mover”. To clarify, an “Internet Mover” is not really a moving company. More often than not, an “Internet Mover” is actually a lead-generation sales company. If you have ever seen Glengarry Glen Ross then you probably know that in the world of marketing and sales, generating consumer interest through leads is paramount. However, when it comes to getting your moving quote, you need to be careful about which companies you are talking to.

Simply put, you should never get your moving quote from an “Internet Mover”. Lead-generation companies usually sell their leads to anywhere from 8-10 moving companies, making your decision all the more difficult. Customers searching for a moving company online are often drawn to lead-generation companies because they rank highly with search engines and run ads for free quotes. Free always sounds nice, but moving quotes are always free and you cannot get an accurate moving estimate from a website alone.

Finding a mover from a lead-generation company can be a problem when it comes to privacy and may end up being a waste of your time. As previously stated, these companies sell their leads to anywhere from 8-10 moving companies. This means that once you give the website your personal contact information, all of those moving companies have that information as well. This opens the door to unwanted spam and may put you in contact with suspect moving companies. You have no control over which companies get your information or when/if these companies may contact you. This is problematic because you’re not able to research these companies until after they’ve already contacted you, and it is not unheard of for illegally operating movers to buy leads from these sites. The pitfalls there are obvious.

Planning a move is a stressful undertaking as it is, so be sure that when you request a moving quote that you are talking to the actual mover, and not a lead-generation sales company. Do your own research and contact the company directly to avoid any privacy issues, and to ensure you are getting a quality a mover. It is time well spent to make sure your move is handled with professionalism and care.

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