Tips for Employees Relocating for Work

Every year, employees across the United States are faced with the choice of whether they will relocate for work if their company moves or they become unemployed. This process can be riddled with anxiety, particularly when it comes to uprooting self and family. Relevant figures from the US Census Bureau estimates that just over 11.6 percent of Americans moved domestically or internationally in the course of the year, many of whom are relocating due to employment status. Stress can be reduced by planning, communication and working with a full service moving and relocation company.

In the months before the van lines arrive, movers should set priorities in preparation. In cases of corporate relocation, begin with the company. Many businesses will offer packages to employees to cover the costs associated with their changes of address. Families should research schools in the new area, and ensure that children will be able to seamlessly transition into a new school.

Organization should happen along the way, but especially in the month leading up to moving day. Throwing away unnecessary items will streamline the process and ease anxiety. It will also help to set everything in its proper place before the relocation and moving services arrive.

Always hire professionals to attend to your needs. Whether moving out of state or to the next county, relocation firms offer support at every step of the process, from consultation to unpacking. Reputable companies offer services including container moves, storage, recycling and debris removal. Once the movers arrive, they can take care of everything, including packing and unpacking.

Be sure to be home to work with the movers to ensure the process meets your specifications. It is a good idea to prepare a box or plastic bin with crucial items that may be needed immediately, such as identification documents and medications. Professional companies carry insurance so all aspects of he move are covered, but consumers should be aware of the time sensitive nature of claims. Companies will discuss your options, and some even offer price quotes online.

Companies that move may sometimes opt to coordinate workers’ moves alongside corporate relocations. Speak to HR personnel for information. Following these simple steps will ensure that everything is ready to go when the household moving company arrives.

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