Tips for Finding and Staying in Temporary Housing

During most corporate relocations, employees have to live in temporary housing after moving out of state. Companies hire state to state movers to help their workers relocate according to the corporate schedule, so many permanent residences are not available on the arrival date. Displaced staff members have many options when it comes to finding temporary housing. Additionally, employees should be prepared for slight lifestyle changes while they wait for their future homes.

The following tips can help you live comfortably in a temporary residence.

Research your options

According to, there are three options for displaced employees – hotels, extended-stay hotels and rental properties. The first choice is the most common because workers can easily find rooms at a chain for a reasonable rate. Additionally, many workers don’t have to wait longer than a few days for their houses, and standard hotels provide the best accommodations.

Extended-stay hotels combine the conveniences of inns and permanent housing. The news source writes that this lodging option allows renters to stay in a comfortable environment that resembles a regular house without paying for utilities. Workers can stay as long as they want. Meanwhile, rental properties like apartments require leases and displaced workers have to pay for basic services. leaves out a possible alternative to those three choices – staying with loved ones. If you have friends or family members in a new area, ask them if you can stay for a few days before your permanent residence becomes available.

Pack light

Regardless of which housing option you choose, you won’t be staying there for long. In most cases, there is a brief overlap between homeowners leaving and you moving in, so the wait will likely only last a few days. You do not need all of your belongings during this period. Leave most of your possessions with your household moving company. Most services offer short- and long-term storage so you do not have to worry about your personal items while living in temporary housing.

Only pack the essentials when you’re staying in a rental property. At most, you should have two bags full of clothes and other necessities like phone charges. Sort through all of your belongings and decide what is most important. Pick the items that you use every day and keep them with you at all times. The rest of your belongings can be given to corporate relocation companies for storage.

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