Tips for Moving Out of State

Moving out of state can be a great opportunity for a new start. You’ll be in an entirely different environment, surrounded by a world of possibilities including new friends and potential jobs. Once you’ve settled into your new residence, you can explore a world that may be entirely different from your old home.

The following are some moving and packing tips that can make the relocation process more enjoyable and stress-free. A move is supposed to be a happy occasion and you shouldn’t spend your time worrying about small annoyances.

Make a trip of it

Instead of going from one house to another, spend some time on the road and see the country. Research various routes and stop at tourist attractions along the way. A road trip is a rite of passage for many people, and your move is the perfect excuse to take a sightseeing tour.

Give yourself plenty of room in the car

If you’re going to be on the road for a few days, you shouldn’t fill your car with too many belongings. It can be uncomfortable to drive if you’re cramped and a large load could damage your suspension. Additionally, it can be dangerous to leave your possessions unattended in hotel parking lots. Consider hiring professional movers to transport some of your necessities.

Consider upgrading some of your belongings

You can’t start fresh if you’re using the same belongings in your new abode as you did in your old place. A move is the perfect opportunity to discard some older items and upgrade them. For instance, consider having a new television delivered to your residence so you don’t have to bring your own or finally replacing that decade old mattress.

Prepare for culture shock

No two states are exactly alike when it comes to their cultures. Research your new state’s well-known cultural aspects so you’re prepared for what could be a massive change from your current surroundings.

Don’t cut your ties

You can always go home again. Stay in touch with loved ones so they don’t feel abandoned. Set aside time every week to speak with someone from home, update them on your life and ask how everyone is doing.

Research local events before you move

It can be difficult to make new friends if you spend most of your time unpacking. Research local events near your new residence, take a break from moving and introduce yourself to your neighbors. Meeting new people can make a move all the more enjoyable and could lead you to find a permanent home.

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