Tips for Moving to a Hot Climate

Relocating to a new place is rarely easy, but when your new home will be somewhere dramatically hotter than your current location, you have a whole new wrinkle to deal with. Instead of sweating, though, there are a few things you can do to make moving out of state to a warmer climate a breeze.

Pick your month wisely

Although you’ll have to adapt to the climate eventually, selecting a cooler month for the travelling and unpacking will help. If you have any flexibility, use it to select the coolest time available.

Keep easy access to fans

While packing, try to keep an eye on things that might help you beat the heat. Knowing where your fans, air conditioning units and coolers are will help you be prepared if you get uncomfortable. Keeping those items in your car, instead of packing them with household moving company – can help you get relief on the car ride.

Start early

Packing earlier in the morning will help you stay out of the heat as well as give you more flexibility when you arrive at your destination. Instead of rushing to get everything unpacked before you go to sleep, arriving at your new home will afford you a more leisurely process.

Stay hydrated

Now that you have that cooler next to you in the car, use it. Drinking plenty of fluids during your travels and as you pack will help you maintain a cooler temperature. Although you’re likely anxious to get to your destination, making regular stops to get drinks or just take a breather in an air-conditioned spot will relieve some of the pressure.

Get your car inspected

Having your car fully checked before you depart is a good idea. Ask specifically about the air-conditioner to ensure that you have cold air when you need it. This is also a good opportunity to see if you will need to make any adjustments to it when you begin your life in the hotter climate. Are there any differences in maintenance? What can you do to keep it driving smoothly? Asking a mechanic the right questions before you get there can save you a headache or two.

Pet precautions

Unlike you, your cat or dog can’t dress differently in the heat. Ask your vet what you should about keeping your pet happy and healthy in the new location. Also, asking your out of state movers to set you up with professional pet movers can help make things easier for you during the move.

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