Why People Move?

The decision to move is not one that people take lightly. The process usually takes months before someone finally hires a household moving company, pulls up their stakes and heads to a new location. In 2012, the percentage of Americans who decided to move increased from a record low in 2011. The United States Census Bureau reports that 12 percent of the population relocated last year, up from 11.6 percent.

Finances are always part of the decision, but money matters are rarely the primary motivation to move. Important aspects of everyday life like proximity to family, employment opportunities and other considerations play more significant parts in most relocation plans.

Moving on up

The most common motivation for moving is a better house. The National Association of Realtors recently reported on a survey from the Census Bureau that shows that 15 percent of all movers want to improve their living conditions.

The news source speculates that economic recovery has a significant impact on how Americans move. Since the recession ended, people have found stable financial footing and can afford to make changes to their lifestyles. Some homeowners had to delay their relocation plans during the tougher years and can now afford to buy new houses.


According to the survey, family was the second most popular reason to move. Over time, families start to spread around the country. In some cases, it becomes important for members to come together and eliminate the distance that separates them. In most cases, far-flung relatives choose to relocate to where most of their family lives.

Alternatively, the popularity of multi-generational homes has begun to grow lately. Families have been saving money by keeping three or four generations under the same roof. The frugal strategy forges bonds and helps keep families close together.

Employment opportunities

The job market has steadily improved alongside the economy, but some areas have added more positions than others. Moving out of state to find work is a popular strategy for many job seekers, especially recent college graduates. It is easy for young workers to relocate for employment because they do not have many ties to their current homes.

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