Climate-Controlled Storage

Storage PageOur modern 20,000 square foot warehouse in Warminster, Bucks County features 400 brand new storage containers, ensuring the safe keeping of our customers’ household goods. Each container is 7x5x7.5 and can hold about one room’s furniture.

Whether you are waiting to move into your new construction home or you are downsizing, Mooney’s is your long-term storage solution.

We know moving can be stressful, but we have 95 years of experience making moving as stress-free as possible. Contact us today for your free in-home moving estimate.

Our warehouse is carefully maintained by a dedicated staff to ensure that your furniture is stored in a clean and organized environment. Every item in our warehouse is carefully inventoried and color coded to guarantee that your belongings are not misplaced.Storage rates are based on number of storage containers needed to accommodate your Climate controlled storage located in Warminstershipment.



Benefits of Full Service Storage

  • Your goods will be stored in a climate controlled environment, so your fine wood pieces and antiques will maintain their original condition.
  • Climate controlled storage
  • All items stored in sealed vaults that are 6” off the ground
  • Oversized items such as sofas are stored on their feet in specially designed racks.
  • Every items is carefully inventoried and color coded
  • Warehouse floor is sealed to keep dust down
  • Fully sprinkled
  • 24 hour security monitoring