Off-Season Moves

February 10th, 2015

moving in winterThe thought of relocating in the winter can seem a little like creating the equivalent of a Rube Goldberg machine for moving and storage. You may ask yourself, “Why complicate an already complex undertaking?” While admittedly winter is a less appealing time to plan a move, especially because of inclement weather in some parts of the country, there are a number of great benefits to be taken advantage of with an off-season move.

Mooney’s Moving & Storage presents the following list of benefits for those considering off-season moving and storage services:

  • More efficient service – Because there will be less customers vying for our movers’ attention, they can focus more intently on your family or business, and ensure that not only do they perform your off-season move in a timely fashion, but perhaps even ahead of schedule.
  • More competitive pricing – We see a considerable drop off in business during the winter months, so you can take advantage of our off-season moving rates to get a more affordable deal for your move.
  • More availability – The summer months are the peak moving time, so by planning your move off-season, our movers will be less busy and you are more likely to get a flexible moving schedule to meet your exact needs.
  • Focus on finding the right home – From a real estate perspective, there are usually less buyers in the market since “everyone” wants to move in the summer, so finding the right new home may prove to be easier in the winter.
  • Find the right home at a more affordable price – Your real estate agent will tell you that sellers are usually more willing to negotiate during the winter months because you will be in a smaller pool of interested buyers.
  • Enjoy your summer – A move can often take months to complete, so trying to coordinate one during the peak moving season means you’ll likely spend your whole summer planning and organizing. Moving off-season will allow you to be settled into your new home when summer rolls around, leaving you free to spend more time with family and friends. Spend your summer planning a vacation, not a move.

If you are planning an off-season move, remember that while at first moving in the winter can sound unpleasant or challenging, these benefits can actually help give you a smooth, safe and stress-free transition. At Mooney’s Moving & Storage, our more than 95 years of experience combined with our extensive network of resources make us great for off-season relocations. For more information on our off-season moving services, contact us today or fill out our form to receive a free quote.

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