4 Ways to Successfully Plan your Local Move

Whether you are moving across town or across the country moving can be stressful.  But for a majority of people, a local move (within a 40 mile radius) is the most common type of move.  By following these four steps you can help reduce your stress and make the transition as easy as possible:

Settlement & Walk-throughs

In conjunction with your Realtor & mover be sure to coordinate the timing of your settlements and walk-throughs.  This will determine when your moving crew arrives to pack up your belongings.  The last thing you want to happen is to have the moving crew trying to work while the new homeowners are doing an inspection.

Donate & Sell: 

Americans are a consumer driven society.  That is a simple fact.  However many people pay (often time unnecessarily) to move items they neither want nor need.  Contact organizations such as Impact Thrift and Purple Heart.  Or have a good old fashion yard sale.

Floor Planning:  

Get your tape measure handy.  Just because your dining room set fits well at your existing home does not mean it will fit well at your new home.  Take measurements and plan out where you want your items to be placed.  This will allow you to have the moving crew place the items in the proper location the first time.

Pack, Pack and Pack Some More:

Properly packing your breakables, knick-knacks and other items into boxes is the number one way to ensure a smooth local move.  If you are not comfortable packing certain items be sure to ask you mover to include this in your quote.

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