Solebury Township Professional Movers

Since 1919, Mooney's Moving & Storage has been family-owned and operated. We specialize in local and long-distance moving within Solebury, and our in-house moving professionals ensure your furniture and other precious items make it to your new residence in the best condition possible. If you need help with packing up your belongings, we also offer packing assistance services. From boxes to bubble wrap, we have all the packing materials necessary to get your belongings safely to your new space.

Storage While You Move in Solebury Township

Do you need a place to store your items before you officially move? At Mooney's Moving & Storage, we maintain our own climate-controlled storage space. We also have special containers with specially designed racks for big, bulky furniture like couches. Additionally, we've installed a sprinkler system, and with 24/7 monitoring, you can rest assured your items will be safe while in storage.

Cost of Movers in Solebury Township

To figure out the cost of your move, we can come to your home for a free moving estimate, or you can fill out the pricing questionnaire on our site. Thanks to our accurate assessments, no matter which method you choose, you can remain confident that the final cost will be as close to the original estimate as possible.

Get Ready for a Hassle-Free Moving Experience

At Mooney's Moving & Storage, we strive to make your move in Solebury stress-free and smooth.

Contact us today at 215-884-3280 or fill out our on-site questionnaire to schedule your free, in-house moving estimate!

Solebury is a township in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The initial residents of Solebury Township were English Quakers who moved into the area for its fertile soil and location along the Delaware River. In the 1900s, Solebury's landscapes were used for many impressionist paintings, including those of art colony founder William Lathrop.

Solebury Township Resources

Solebury Township Historical Society - The Solebury Township Historical Society helps preserve the history of Solebury Township through a variety of research and educational measures. To this end, the historical society's membership strives to promote and encourage an appreciation of the area's history.

Solebury Township Baseball & Softball League - The Solebury Township Baseball & Softball League provides the area's youth recreational and competitive baseball and softball leagues. Through their league, they hope to teach their respective games while promoting fair play and sportsmanship.

New Hope-Solebury School District - Formed in 1942, the New Hope-Solebury School District prides itself in providing an education that is not only high quality and innovative, but also meets the unique needs of every student.

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