Baby steps: Moving with a Toddler

Moving is complicated enough for adults – saying goodbye to friends, transitioning to a new job and adjusting to a new home is never easy. But for toddlers, for whom the world is strange and unpredictable enough already, moving can be incredibly difficult. Parents with young children need to take special care when heading for a new location and keep in mind what the experience is like for their kids.

To help keep the emotional and physical disturbances as minimal as possible when moving out of state, here are a few things parents with toddlers can do.

The basics

It is important to try and empathize with a young child as much as possible. Even things that seem obvious to us might not to them. Take the time to assure them that everyone in the family is moving and that their life will still be largely the same. On the flip side, let them know that their friends and neighbors at your current location will be fine, and that staying in touch with them is certainly part of the plan.

Plenty of discussion

Likewise, it is important to talk freely about what the move will be like, such as when the moving truck will come, when the last day of school will be, how the packing will go. Although these things might seem boring to you, providing your toddler with information and a schedule will help him or her predict events and anticipate changes.

As the move unfolds, ask them questions about what’s happening. Why are we packing? Where are we going? This will help your child internalize the reasons and stave off the panic of leaving.

Make things easy on yourself

You will certainly have a lot on your hands when preparing your child for the move – make the rest of the process as easy as possible. If it will save you time and anxiety, hire a cleaning service once you’re out of your old house. Likewise, call a household moving company to help you stay organized. Nationwide movers can help you cross the t’s and dot the i’s while you’re focusing on your child’s needs.

Have your child help organize their room

Allowing your child creative license over decorating his room will help make the move feel less scary and more creative. Even this little step can help provide a silver lining to an otherwise potentially traumatic experience. Using the move as an opportunity for new rights and responsibility can help it feel like a natural phase in your child’s development.

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