Get your kitchen ready for moving day

Packing up any room in your home can be a challenge, but few possessions are as difficult to organize as the ones in your kitchen. The combination of food, containers, electronics and furniture that make cooking and eating convenient are apt to withstand simple packing, so make sure to use the following guide to keep things ordered and secure for the trip they take with a moving and storage company.


Your mixer, can opener, coffee maker and other kitchen appliances have probably seen their fair share of spills and splatters. Consequently, it’s helpful to clean them before you move into a new house. There’s no reason to bring a mess with you, and you’ll be able to ensure nothing else gets gunk on it when items are placed in the same box as your filthy blender or food processor. The act of cleaning many appliances also means you’ll have to take them apart, which often makes it easier to pack them for the household moving company that’s going to transport your belongings.

Set your food apart

Moving a refrigerator is a lot of work, both for you and the movers. You’ll have to empty and clean the entire thing out, and the moving company will need to lug the massive appliance out of your house and into a new building. One way to get a jump on this process is to take everything out of the fridge early so you have ample time to clean it thoroughly. Keep everything in a cooler in your garage or basement and use that same container to transport condiments, drinks and other items that won’t spoil during the trip.

Organize Tupperware

Anyone who owns a large amount of plastic food storage containers likely has a cabinet full of them. The chances are good they’re disorganized, so use long distance moving to force yourself to organize your Tupperware. You’ll be glad you’ve finally stored them neatly when you arrive in your new house, and the process will make them easier to pack and transport.

Keep like items together

If you’ve been able to see your future home and explore it in detail, you should start thinking about where you’re going to place food, plates and appliances. That way, when you need to start boxing kitchen items up in your old house, you can put things into boxes that correspond to the storage spaces of your new kitchen. This allows relocation and moving services to put things where they belong quickly and will help you accelerate your move.

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