Relocating for a Shorter Commute.

With gas prices continuing to surge, an increasing number of people are starting to curse their commute. What’s more, a long commute could actually endanger your health, as people with longer commutes have higher blood pressure and are more likely to be obese, according to a new study by the Clean Air Campaign. These facts raise the question: when is it worth relocating to cut your commute?

While most factors that contribute to a move may seem more substantial, moving to minimize your commute can be just as important to your overall health and happiness. Whether this means moving out of state to find a location with better commute options or simply finding a home closer to your work (or vice versa), relocating for your commute could be a huge boon.

The aforementioned study shows that not only does a long commute force you to sit for a long period of time, it also cuts back on your free time – which could be spent exercising or engaging in less stressful activity. If you do relocate for your commute, it is probably a wise decision to employ a moving and relocation company to ensure that you don’t add stress to yourself in your quest to reduce it.

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