Too Much to Move? Consider an Auction.

Sometimes, in the process of packing for a move, you find that you have a lot more than you can realistically take with you. Rather than consigning it to relocation movers with the rest of your belongings and dealing it with it later, set extra belongings aside and get rid of them before your move. This can mean giving extra possessions to a friend or family member, or holding an auction can be a great way to finance some of your move.

When taking this approach, there are a few important things to keep in mind to ensure that you get maximum value for minimum hassle.

Start early

Before you even start packing or calling out of state movers, it is wise to call for a consultation. It will often be free and will help guide you through the process of auctioning your excess belongings. By seeking out the opinion of a professional, you may even discover the logic in deciding to auction something off and buying a new version when you get where you’re going.

Get your belongings appraised

It’s best not to go into an auction blind. Understanding the likely value of your property will help you ensure that you receive a good price – or prevent you from selling something that’s too valuable.

Getting estimates will also help you plan properly for the quantity of items you intend to sell. If you have a fixed amount of money you need for the move, it’s best to know the number of pieces you have to sell to get there.

Consider an in-home auction

Having the auction at your house will save you time and money in terms of packing and transporting items to auction. This scenario will also give you more control over the proceedings and allow you to stop the auction at any point.

Getting on with your move

Whatever happens with your auction, downsizing your possessions – and making a little money in the process – will help with the long distance moving and storage process. Moving out of state can be a complicated process, but by combining an auction and a household moving company, you can help minimize the bumps.

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